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About Astrologer Sailesh Ghimire

Seeker who is seeking, using various devices of science a better understanding of our past, present and future and their inter-relationship has been made possible. One such individual is Astrologer Sailesh Ghimire. He is a very renowned Astrologer, an amazing Palmist. Astrologer Sailesh Ghimire is also wonderful in numerology, most intuitive tarot cards reader, most deep in Tantra, Mantra, Yantra. Sailesh Ghimire has been enlightening the lives of numerous people over a long period of time not only from Nepal but around the world. Sailesh Ghimire has been a professional astrologer since 2001 with a specialty in psychological interpretation and future projections. Tantra Guru and Astrologer Sailesh Ghimire has always preferred humanitarian society. There are too many people but few human being but he believes in making more human beings. He believes desperately and with full hope in a natural opinion. With his dedication, efforts and credence he has rejuvenated the lives of numerous people. He possesses a optimistic approach towards life.Tantra Guru and Astrologer Sailesh Ghimire has an infinite list of people who come to him with their problems related to various fields.  Read Astrologer Sailesh Ghimire

The Line of Heart reflects affections and emotions

The Line of Heart is that Line which runs across the hand under the fingers and generally rises under the base of the first, and runs off the side of the hand under the base of the fourth or little finger .The Line of Heart relates purely to the affectionate disposition, in fact, to the mental side of the love nature of the subject. It should be borne in mind that, by lying as it does on that part of the hand above the Line of Head, it is consequently on the portion of the hand that relates to mental characteristics and not to the physical. Read About :-  The Line of Heart 

What is Muhurat

In Nepal or in Hindu and Buddhist society, astrology is like a philosophy, a way of life. Since ancient times the study of cosmos and the influence of heavenly bodies on the life on earth, was known as Jyotishi, - Lord of Light. Astrology has been an integral part of Hindu myth, folklore and culture. It was venerated as the Vedas and was known as Vedanga, - part of Vedas. Astrology presupposes destiny. It is believed that at the time of birth of an individual, his/her, life pattern is determined. It is an ancient belief that all existence follows a per-determined course, and mans life pattern can be determined through the study of planetary configuration present in the universe at the time of his birth.  Read What is Muhurata ?

Child Astrology Reading

A child is gift from heaven to you saying life must continue. You can give gift back to heaven by developing a child as individual being with all of his potentials developed and nourish.  Most of parents worry about what a child will be tomorrow, yet they forget that he is someone today. Don’t kill your child through your ambitions. He is someone today, so understand him, his likes and dislikes, his potentials etc. For this astrology is the best solution.  Read Child Zodiac Signs


Love and Marriage relationship problem

Love is divine and it is god. Love gives us divine feelings and we see life beautiful. But the problems between lovers spoil all of these qualities. Life will be hell. Love relationship problems are due to various reasons. Expert world famous astrologer from Nepal Sailesh Ghimire has solution for such conflicts. All of clients’ details will keep 100 percent confidential. Contact or call, SMS at 977-9841272615 for more information.


 Tarot Cards Reading 

Tarot Cards are one of wonderful tools to find out past, present and future. Through Tarot Cards one can know what type of problems clients are going through.  We can read about wide range of subjects and solutions of problem. Spiritual guidance reading and self healing reading are done through Zen Tarot cards. Zen Tarot Cards are spiritual cards deck which was created by Osho disciple under his supervision. Some of Tarot Card reading clients can order is following:- 

  • The money Tarot Card Reading
  • Career Path Tarot Card Reading
  • Decision making Tarot Card Reading
  • Wish Tarot Card Reading
  • How to find love Tarot Card Reading
  • Relationship Tarot Card Reading
  • Love relationship Tarot Card Reading
  • Spiritual guidance Tarot Card Reading
  • Self Healing Tarot Card Reading

For details please SMS or call at 977-9841272615 or click here to contact us

Numerology Reading

Numerology is divine science of Numbers from which we can know our lucky and unlucky numbers, dates etc. We should use our lucky numbers and try to avoid unlucky numbers when they come in our life. By simply using only you’re lucky dates you can be more lucky, fortune. In numerology sound is converting to numbers and from it future is predicated. Each of names has its neurological value which should match with date of birth. There is vibration between numbers and some numbers goes well and some conflict with each other. By removing conflicting number one can be lucky and fortunate. Read More Numerology


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