Hindu birth chart as par South Indian style

According to older Hindu texts, the words signs and houses fall on each other, but the count of the signs is always made from Aries which is the first sign. If we say a planet is in the first sign, it means that he is in Aries. If we say, it is in the fifth sign, it will be in Leo.Â

If we say, it is in the twelfth sign, it will be in Pisces because Pisces is the last and the twelfth sign. We must remember that when referring to a sign we always count Aries as the first and then proceed in the regular order of the signs.

But a house begins from the ascendant. We must first know which is the sign ascending at the particular moment at a particular place. The Earth is globular. It is like a globe with the sky all around. There is no part of the sky which is not to the east of any locality of the Earth.Â

We can explain this further by giving a practical example. The Sun always appears to be somewhere on the ecliptic. In fact, he is not on the ecliptic; it is the Earth which is on the ecliptic and as viewed from the Earth, the Sun appears to be in line with some place on the ecliptic.

Now this Sun at any time appears in the east, in some part or the other of the Earth. So we may state that as the zodiac is a circular ring in the skies, though in fact it is elliptic, going all round, some part of the ring, i.e., the zodiac is on the eastern horizon somewhere.

Now suppose that at a particular time the sign Leo is rising at the eastern horizon. Then Leo will constitute the first house Virgo the second house, Libra the third house, Scorpio the fourth house, Sagittarius the fifth house,Â

Capricorn the sixth house Aquarius the seventh house, Pisces the eighth house, Aries the ninth house, Taurus the tenth house, Gemini the Eleventh house and Cancer the twelfth house. Now suppose that the Sun is n Aquarius. So we say the Sun is in the seventh house or setting in the western horizon.

If suppose Scorpio was rising at New Delhi. Then Scorpio will be the first house, Sagittarius the second house. Capricorn the third house and so on; and the Sun being in Aquarius he will be in the fourth house.

The following signs being in opposition at 180º, to each other are called opposition signs:

Aries is in opposition to Libra and Libra to Aries

Taurus is in opposition to Scorpio and Scorpio to Taurus.Â

Gemini is in opposition to Sagittarius and Sagittarius to Gemini

Cancer is in opposition to Capricorn and Capricorn to Cancer

Leo is in opposition to Aquarius and Aquarius in Leo

Virgo is in opposition to Pisces and Pisces to Virgo

So we must remember that the sign rising to the east at a particular time depends upon the time, date, month, year and the longitude and latitude of the place.

The latitude is very important because the duration of a sign rising differs from latitude to latitude.

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