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Chinese Zodiac Sign Dragon's Best sex: The Rat and the Monkey.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Dragon's Worst nightmare: DOG

Chinese zodiac sign Dragon is consider most auspicious sign. Dragon zodiac sign people are intelligent, wise, healthy, fortunate and full of courage of conviction, tenacity of purpose and are ambitious. They are always keen to help others and to do well to them without claiming anything in return. Dragon zodiac sign people are sometimes loners and love to live far away from madding crowds. That is one major reason for their stressful and depressed life.

Normally Dragon zodiac sign people do not get aroused but once they lose their temper, it becomes difficult to pacify them. They are magnanimous and large hearted. A Dragon is indeed “lion- hearted “.

Dragon zodiac sign people are brave, majestic in deportment and proud of their mental and physical powers. Dragon people are over bold and a great fighter, but sometimes they are fool-hardy. In another ways lacks cunningness of the snake and thus loses ground. Victory is turned into defeat, because of lack of flexibility in their character.  It is their ‘ego’ that spells disaster for them. 

According to the Chinese, the Dragon and the Serpent symbolize “Rhythmic life”. All ancient Chinese texts refer to the association of the Dragon with lighting, rain, fecundity and power of creation. Dragon is a celestial animal full of power, strength and speed.

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