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Chinese Zodiac Sign Snake

The intelligent Snake is of the Yin and Fire elements in Chinese astrology, which means they love art and beauty. The perfect gift for Chinese Zodiac Sign Snake is a hardcover coffee-table book featuring fine art photography or gorgeous reproductions of paintings.

Both male and female snakes also have a passion for historical romance, metaphysics, and exotic places. Lengthy historical novels such as Shogun by James Clancy or Olympiad by Tom Holt slake their thirst for love, history and mystery.

Most Snakes have a killer sense of humor and treasure the works of Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker, Cynthia Heimel, Tom Wolf, Hunter S. Thompson and P.J. O' Rourke. They also enjoy positive, upbeat works such as The Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Snake children are often loners, enjoying playing by themselves, quietly in their yards or bedrooms. They are often hampered with learning disabilities and thus need patience from teachers and parents. If they are forced to pay attention they can often respond by drifting off into their own private dream world -- they cannot be made to enjoy any given topic if they take a dislike to it!

Teachers and parents may have to lavish extra time and attention upon the Snake child in order to keep him or her up to date with all of the other children of their age group. When picked on or upset, Snake children tend to pout and hold grudges, and if publicly embarrassed or humiliated, they will lash out at their tormentor with no hold barred.

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