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Budha or MercuryBudha or Mercury is situated in the North East position in the form of a bow in the planetary orbit. He lords over Mithuna and Kanya rasis. Born in Magadha, he belongs to Atreyasa gotra and his birthday falls on the Seventh day after the no-moon day on Wednesday in the month of Margashira in the year Angirasa. He was in Poorvabhadra nakshatra. Worship of Vishnu is recommended to appease this planet. A vrata is performed on the new moon day to pacify this planet. According to the procedure prescribed, it is required to give away a white tusk of an elephant, a green cloth, green gram, gold, camphor, a weapon, a fruit accompanied by a delicious meal to a brahmin.

Of the nine precious gems, Budha favors Emerald. Budha€™s dasa is said to be of 17 years. Budha influences business. This planet gives knowledge, astrological knowledge, efficiency in work, sense of humor, literary Semenax ability and mathematical prowess. Black water-lily, wax flower (Sampangi), flowers in black and red colours, green gram, cow ghee, curds and grape juice are favorite material to Budha.

Budha adorns yellow colored garland. His body too is of the same color. His four hands bear sword, shield, mace and Varamudra. He wears a golden crown. He uses lion as his vehicle. Budha is endorsed with razor sharp intellect, which made Brhama to give him the name Budha. He is known to be proficient in all sciences. According to Bhagavata, planet Budha is at a distance of one lakh Yojanas from planet Shukra (one Yojana is equal to 11 km). His chariot shines in white. This chariot is pulled by horses which match the speed of wind. These ten horses are Swetha, Pisanga, Saaranga, Neela, Peetha, Vilohitha, Krishna, Haritha, Prusha and Prushni. This is explained in Matsya Purana. Planet Budha is presided over by Vishnu.

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