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The tardiest of all the planets is Saturn, who is also known as Shaneeshwara, Shanaischara, Manda, Konastha, Pingala and Souri. Different stories are narrated to trace his origin. To begin with, he is said to be the offspring of Surya and Sangya, the daughter of Vishwakarma. Yama, the God of death and the river Yamuna are believed to be his siblings. Shani, Tapathi and Saavarni are the three children born to Surya and Sangya

The blue colored Saturn is robed in blue clothes with a gold crown shining in all brilliance. His vehicle is eagle. Saturn is married to Sati, chitraradh daughter. Sati, a devoted wife, once approaches Shani desiring a child. But Shani, meditating upon Vishnu pays no heed to his wife. Disappointed by Shani's attitude, Sati revels a curse that those who look at him be doomed. Shani appealed to absolve him of this curse go in vain. Henceforth, it is prescribed that those who look at him with bent heads would not carry the curse.

Impact of Shani on human lives
The Saturn influences and shapes human attitudes. Longevity, frugality, patience, endurance, philosophical disposition, temperament, education, love for blue robes, foreign residence are all the gifts of Saturn. On the negative side, he rouses love for gambling, ill reputation, lack of systematic approach, procrastination and foolish behavior. Cowardice and premature aging and a host of negative attitudes spring from Saturn.

To appease Shani, one has to give away blue colored flowers, black gingerly seeds. Black slippers and umbrella. A blue coloured precious stone (Neela Mani) should be worn to pacify Saturn. Pushyami, Anuraadha and Uttaraabhaadra are the stars which are considered to be Shani nakshatras.

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