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Of the nine planets chronologically Ketu figures last. Like Rahu, Ketu is a planet in shadow and the reflection they cast during the eclipse is referred to as Umbra-Penumbra. However, the western astrological texts do not acknowledge the presence of these planets.

Ketu presides over Ashwini, Makha and Mula nakshatras. Rahu and Ketu often pester the Sun and the Moon. If the Sun and the other planets rotate in clock- wise direction, Rahu and Ketu move in anti- clock wise. According to Jaataka pala Manjari, Rahu and Ketu are 100 years old and Ketu is said to be an impotent planet. Cat's eye is the precious stone worn to appease Ketu and horse gram should be given away to win his favor.

Ketu's period runs for seven years and alike Rahu, this planet too is non- stationary. Ketu resides for a period of 18 months in each zodiac sign and his mahardasha lasts for 7years.Dhanush raasi is the most benefit position and Mithuna rasi is malefic to Ketu. He is the native of Meena rasi. Rahu and Ketu never reside in the same houses.

Positive effects of Ketu: He presides over intellectual acumen, enthusiasm, materialistic pleasures, friendship, wisdom, spiritual thoughts, philosophy, salvation, renunciation and interest in other languages.

Ill effects: Misdeeds, danger, anarchy, air accidents, rebellion, loss in wealth, spinal problems, untimely death, mental imbalance and fire accidents are some of the ill effects of Ketu.

Ketu likes sacred grass, flowers, red lotuses, horse gram, mustard-powder, cow-milk, dates, pineapple, sugar, seven-wick lamp, mid-night prayers, pepper, iron, Neem and yam to mention a few. Seven is his favorite number and he should be worshiped on Tuesdays and Sundays.

In astrology, Rahu gives Kuja's results and Ketu gives Sani's results. In the orbit, when in 3,6,11 positions, Ketu yields good results. Ketu is friendly with Sun, Moon and Jupiter and malefic with Venus and Saturn. The evil effects of Ketu can be warded off by offering food to the Vedic scholars.

In the zodiac, Rahu and Ketu are positioned in opposite directions. Of the two, if one teams up with the moon and the other with the sun, Lunar eclipse occurs. If the sun and the moon are in the same house and if either Rahu or Ketu teams up with them, then occurs the Solar-eclipse. Rahu and Ketu are planets in shadow.

One cannot rule out their existence, even though they are not visible. Vedic astrologers took them into reckoning and calculated the celestial moments to their right precision without any external supports like telescope. Indian astrology without Rahu and Ketu should have been a half-baked one.

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