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tarot card number: 11

astrological sign: Leo

Strength tarot cardPositive associations Strength tarot card: strength, willpower, compassion, patience, courage, triumph, fortitude.

Negative associations with Strength tarot card : cowardice, fear, inertia, defeat, loss of opportunity.

When the Strength card appears it represents not just physical strength but the ability to cope with extreme pressure and win through in the end.

if ill health has been an issue this card indicates rapid recovery, if considering giving up an unhealthy habit such as smoking or drinking this card indicates a good time to start.

Strength tarot card signifies triumph over most things; challenges in your relationships or career, even defending yourself against jealousy, ignorance and oppression.

Negatively Strength tarot card represents insecurity, fear and giving up, perhaps being beaten by unfair means the Strength card warns of missed opportunities and not to give up when you could be so close to the finish line.

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