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The Tower Tarot Card Readingtarot card number : 16

planet: Mars

Tower tarot Card positive associations with this tarot card: re-evaluation, necessary change, a blessing in disguise.

Negative associations with The Tower Tarot Card: sudden change, downfall, disruption, disaster,

after the Death card and the Devil, The Tower is likely to be the card that causes most fear and constenation. It's hard to find a positive side to this card, however, it tells you that the unexpected shock and upheaval of events will create new opportunities and make you a stronger and wiser person.

The Tower represents sudden and sometimes shocking changes in events and can often represent problems or delays relating to your home or the purchasing of home.

Whether material or emotional upset, this card encourages you to see that such upheavals can force new directions that can be more beneficial.

negatively The Tower represents unecessary suffering. You may be falsely accused of something and suffer some form of imprisonment or isolation, or you may be the one causing the shock and change with a rebellious attitude.

The main thing to remember with this rather unpleasant card is that this phase will pass and that a new direction or new opportunities can be created from it.

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