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Tarot card the Emperor

tarot card number: 4

astrological sign: Aries

Tarot card the Emperor positive associations with this tarot card: achievement, authority, protection, support, trustworthy, discipline, provider, consolidation, reason, willpower

negative associations with Tarot card the Emperor : weakness, immaturity, failed ambition, status driven, tyrannical, untrustworthy.

The Emperor is a sign of achievement and honour and in many cases can represent a stong male influence such as a father, husband/partner or man of significance in your life, or person of authority such as a boss when he appears in a reading he can suggest that a man of authority or significance as outlined above will stand by you and support you, in personal as well as business matters .

When The Emperor falls in position in a reading that refers to you he suggests that you will be able to influence people and have a great sense of your own authority .

Negatively Tarot card the Emperor can mean that either you or a man of influence in your life is using bullying tactics and being overbearing, an abuse of power another negative aspect of this card is failed ambitions, a craving for status and insecurity around a man of authority.

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