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Boy baby I

Boy Child Name " I "

Name Meaning
Ian Form of John
Ibrahim father of the people; Prophet Abraham
Idris fiery Lord
Iham expected
Ihit prize; honour
Ilyas Prophet Elijah
Iman name of raga
Imaran strong
Imran prosperity; father of Moses
Imtiaz power of discrimination
Imtiyaz distinguish
Indivar blue lotus
Indrajeet conqueror
Indrakanta Lord Indra
Indraneel sapphire
Indranil sapphire
Indubhushan the moon
Induhasan like a moon
Indukanta like a moon
Indulal moon's lustre
Indushekhar like a moon
Intekhab chosen
Iqbal good fortune
Ira Decendants
Iravan son of Arjuna
Irfan knowledgable
Irshaad signal
Isaac He will Laugh
Isar eminent; Lord Shiva
Ishaan king
Ishan Vishnu
Ishrat affection
Ishwar God; the supreme being; another name for Shiva
Ivar Yew-Bow Army
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