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Boy Baby Name " L "

Name Meaning
Lagan appropriate time
Lakshman son of King Dasaratha and Sumitra; lucky
Lakshmibanta fortunate
Lakshmidhar Lord Vishnu
Lakshmigopal Lord vishnu
Lakshmikanta Lord Vishnu
Lakshya aim
Lalit beautiful
Lalitkishore beautiful
Lalitkumar beautiful
Lalitmohan beautiful
Lamar Close to the sea
Lambodar Lord Ganesh
Lankesh Ravana
Lars See Kyle
Latafat elegance
Latif mysterious; subtle; delicate
Latifah elegance
Lav, Luv son of Lord Rama
Liam Gaelic derivative of William, determined protector
Liyaqat elegance; worthiness
Lochan the eye
Lohitaksha Lord Vishnu
Lokapradip light of the world; another word for Brahma
Lokesh lord of the world; another word for Brahma
Loknath Lord Vishnu
Lokranjan Lord Vishnu
Luv son of Rama
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