If an alphabet occurs several times in a name, it is indicative of a particular character.

If letters A, I, J, Y, Q repeats several time in Name

It makes the person courageous, original, domineering and strong headed. It could mean chance of recognition, struggling for independence and freedom, higher status, cooperative, progress in business and crazy about money and power.

If letters B,K,R repeats several time in Name

It makes the person very sensitive with inferiority complex. He is likely to be cowardly, emotional, musical and artistic. The person, besides, is helpful to others, tactful, co-operative and patient.

If letters C,G,L and S repeats several time in Name

It makes the person very imaginative, artistic and talented. It gives talent for self expression through words and writings. Talent in art, music or business. It also makes the person selfish, lacking concentration, wasteful of energy through pursuit of pleasures and undisciplined.

If letters E,N,H and X repeats several time in Name

It makes the person successful in legal and public works or in sale promotion. If the said alphabets are repeated 7 times or more in the name, it is above average. It makes high living with drinks, food and sex. This can lead to problems and make the person irresponsible in family life. Sudden and unexpected happenings could lead to chaos and turmoil.

If letters V, U and W repeats several time in Name

It encourages artistic talents, humanitarianism sense of responsibility, helping nature, love of domestic life, social recognition and popularity. There are outings, travels and social activities.

If letters O and Z repeats several time in Name

It makes person think, research, study, meditate, search for truth and remain aloof, away from the crowd and away from problems from relatives etc.

If letters F and P repeats several time in Name

It sharpens business, acumen and strengthen power and position. Other things are Lack of domestic happiness, travel for business, heavy expenses and dealings in property.

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