....Way he loves

Aquarius ManIn the Aquarius man, contradictions become inextricable. If he could succeed more often in knowing what Aquarius Man wants, his emotional life would be happier. He loves with sincerity ” at least he believes he does. But he's so much afraid of loosing his freedom that when the day comes for an engagement, he finds a thousand pretexts to escape ” though he may complain afterwards that he's very unhappy.

So, Aquarius Man will have a choice between love affairs with no future, charming adventures which won't satisfy him, and impossible relationships with beautiful and inaccessible women. Such women will give him all the emotions that he wants, without his being afraid that they'll pin him down.

Of the entire zodiac, the Aquarius man is undoubtedly the least misogynous ” Aquarius Man is ready to consider as his equal any woman who's worthy of his esteem. But, before finding his white blackbird, Aquarius Man could most likely go through a number of divorces and break-ups !

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