....Way she loves

Aquarius WomanIn the Aquarius woman, contradictions become inextricable. She makes a big issue out of love, but shows herself irregular in her love outbursts and attachments, for the simple reason that Aquarius Woman can stand neither restrictions nor monotony.

Aquarius Woman also needs great exchanges of ideas and tastes in order to bloom - a love affair that doesn't stimulate her will surely cease to interest her. Actually, if she could succeed more often in knowing what she wants, her emotional life would be happier. Aquarius Woman loves with sincerity - at least she believes she does.

But Aquarius Woman is so much afraid of loosing her freedom that when the day comes for an engagement, she finds a thousand pretexts to escape - though she may complain afterwards that Aquarius Woman is very unlucky in love.

Being a single woman doesn't displease her, on the contrary! She intends to take full advantage of this situation because it allows her to preserve her precious freedom and at the same time not to suffer from loneliness.

However, this kind of existence won't satisfy her indefinitely, and one day she'll set out to look for the one who'll establish profound complicity relations with her. Anyway, Aquarius Woman will always prefer free love to traditional marriage.

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