Aries Man

......The way he loves
Aries ManIn love, he's neither shrewd nor calculating. He lets himself go to the fires of passion and sentiments without restriction. Aries Man knows how to give himself wholly and also how to be tolerant with his loved one.

If on one hand Aries Man sometimes lacks tact and sensitiveness, on the other hand he's instinctive and passionate - in other words, he's a specialist of love at first sight ! He falls in love at once and doesn't want to be kept waiting. Right away Aries Man starts making a million projects to which he associates his beloved one of the moment; he's then quite sincere. But the danger is that he's so quickly consumed by his passion that it's rapidly transformed into cold ashes !

One finds in him a loyal, frank, ardent and straight partner, for whom love is always a fascinating adventure which totally absorbs him. Aries Man can happen to go through great fervor and furies, followed by a depression. Voluntary and dynamic, he could become totally discouraged when facing a love defeat. If he's deserted, he won't calm down... Until the day when he falls in love again.

Aries Man needs to feel strong emotions, even though his pride prevents him from showing his feelings and his state of mind.
He's a grand amateur of very feminine, delicate and romantic women. Aries Man wants to choose and not to be chosen. Aries Man's mate must allow him to remain very free if she wants to keep him.

Marriage, why not? He's by no means against it as a matter of principle. To get married young doesn't frighten him. Several times over if it's necessary! But provided that his partner doesn't put any pressures on him. Above all, it's entirely out of question asking him to be completely faithful! He's inclined to love outbursts and hates curbing his desires. As a result, if a fancy affair passes within Aries Man's reach, he won't be able to resist the temptation. All the more so as he has powerful sexual urges and as his mate might not be capable of satisfying them all the time. Nevertheless, Aries Man hates hurting
her. And, when he returns home after a prank, he'll overflow her with special attentions, so as to be forgiven.

Besides that, he's gifted for putting fancy in his couple life. It's impossible to get bored with him. If, all of a sudden, Aries Man decides to go on a trip with his partner, everything is organized the same evening - plane tickets are bought, hotel rooms are reserved, and both of you will fly away to some dreamy destination. That's why it's so difficult to decide to leave him !

Aries Man possesses a very strong sexual impulse; he doesn't want to wait. However, by being such a passionate lover, he can run into some problems. His performances are sometimes too brief to his partners' liking. He's too much inclined to go straight into attack and to charge like a Cossack. Not all women appreciate this style, which however is quite manly, isn't ?

Aries Man likes having children and has wonderful relationships with them. He makes them believe that life is a fascinating adventure, because that's the way he lives it.

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