....Way she loves

Aries womanLove and friendship occupy an important part of the Aries woman's emotional life, and we can find here the same characteristics of impulsiveness and fervor that mark her elsewhere. Nobody is warmer or franker than her in expressing her feelings. But these tendencies can cause her a lot of problems because endless regrets will follow rash engagements and unconsidered marriages.

Her life is marked with fits of "love at first sight". Just as much as resistance and novelty stimulate her, just as much as surrendering and routine bore her. Her sexuality often takes precedence over her sentiments.

If Aries woman is a specialist of repeated love outbursts, she gets tired as fast as Aries woman gets fired up ! Conquering stimulates her more than anything else. And the condition of single life doesn't disturb her overly, for it allows her to change mates as often as she wants to ! There needs to be an exceptional event to incline her to look for a stable love relationship and to start making a home.

However, it would be wrong to believe that Aries woman is against marriage as a matter of principle. Getting married young doesn't frighten her. Several times if necessary ! But provided that her partner impose no curb on her. To begin with, the other one must not ask her to be absolutely faithful! She is inclined to fancy love outbursts, and she hates restraining her desires. As a result, if an affair passes within her reach, she can't resist the temptation. This is all the more so since she has a great sexual drive and since her partner may not always be able to satisfy her.

One finds in her a frank, ardent and straightforward partner, for whom love is always a fascinating adventure that totally absorbs her. Aries woman might go through some fervent and furious moments, followed by a depression. Willful and dynamic, Aries woman might become completely discouraged by a deception in love. If she's deserted, she won't calm down... Until the day when Aries woman falls in love again !

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