......The way he lovesĀ 

Cancer zodiac ManIf his fixation towards his mother is too strong, he could never tear away from her and might show homosexual tendencies. But as his cosmogonist element acts rather strongly, Cancer zodiac Man more likely to go towards other women, whether or not they are at the image of his mother.

If Cancer zodiac Man has not found his maturity in paternity, he'll look for "girls" for whom, in adulthood, he'll be a paternal image - a strongly incestuous one. Such girls will be very much attached to this expert and untiring lover who he is.

One could blame him for preferring quantity to quality; but it's necessary to recognize that women do like him very much and that he understands them better than anyone else does, being psychologically so feminine himself.

Cancer zodiac Man guesses women's desires, leading them into a fantasized and magnificent universe. This, however, doesn't necessarily mean that he's fickle and unfaithful.

One can also blame him for being susceptible, for creating extravagant incidents, for engaging himself in intolerable emotional blackmails, and for taking pleasure in childish attitudes and in games of the killer and his victim. Moodiness isn't rare for him, either. Pokies
Apart from exceptional circumstances which could decide his love destiny otherwise, he's simply eager to get married to a nice woman, who'll be the mother of his children, who'll accept his small strange habits, and who will more or less wear the trousers.

He'll be marvelously "maternal" with his children, knowing how to play with them and understanding them. Cancer zodiac Man will be very attentive to his children' education, trying to inculcate them such moral principles as he himself is very much attached to. For him, having a woman, a house, little blond heads, a pipe, and slippers represents the ideal status.

Cancer zodiac Man will dream about traveling, maybe without ever leaving the port! As a matter of fact, his couple, his home are of paramount importance to him - he needs this sentimental and emotional base to assure his stability. Full of tenderness, affection and romanticism, Cancer zodiac Man gives himself, when in love, without reserve, and with sincerity, innocence and passion. But in return, he needs an enormous amount of love that must be clearly shown. With his partner he'll be full of tact, delicacy and thoughtfulness. But he also can show himself possessive and jealous.

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