......The way she loves

Cancer WomanWith her skin-deep sensitivity, the Cancer zodiac sign Woman rather lets herself be carried away in love by circumstances. Cancer zodiac sign Womanis very receptive to those she loves, who thereby have a great influence on her destiny, for the better or for the worse. One can easily make her suffer, because she is of a hypersensitive temperament; but whatever her sufferings, Cancer zodiac sign Woman endures them silently and with resignation.

Generally, Cancer zodiac sign Woman strongly feels the need of a partner who has a heart big enough to assure her the generous love that she dreams of - an almost maternal love. She needs her loved one to procure her with warmth and affection, and Cancer zodiac sign Woman is quite ready to give them in return. She only dreams of a love marriage, she hopes to find a solid rock that will give a stable base to her life.

Many natives of this sign find their happiness in a union marked by stability and complicity. They can then give free reins to their qualities of kindness, benevolence and imagination.One could blame this woman for preferring quantity to quality; but it's necessary to recognize that Cancer zodiac sign Woman appeals very much to men.

This, however, doesn't necessarily mean that Cancer zodiac sign Woman is fickle and unfaithful. One can also blame her for being susceptible, for creating extravagant incidents, for engaging herself in intolerable emotional blackmails, and for taking pleasure in childish attitudes. Endless sulkiness isn't rare for her, either.

Full of tenderness, affection and romanticism, Cancer zodiac sign Woman gives herself, when in love, without reserve, and with sincerity, innocence and passion. But in return, Cancer zodiac sign Woman needs an enormous amount of love that
must be clearly shown. With her partner she'll be full of tact, delicacy and thoughtfulness. But she also can show herself possessive and jealous.

With her vital need for emotional security and with all her reserves of love and tenderness that Cancer zodiac sign Woman only asks to give out, the Cancer woman openly hates single life and tends to get married very young. If circumstances compel her to live alone, she'll feel extremely unfortunate.

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