......The way he loves

Capricorn ManThe Capricorn is suspicious. He's afraid of being harmed, of suffering and being abandoned. Therefore, he walks towards love on the tips of his toes, displaying a suspicious and somewhat unfriendly attitude. As he's also a moralist, he gives the impression of judging the others — this isn't quite true, but he readily sees people's weaknesses and small sides.

Very often, all this leads him into bachelorhood. Capricorn Man has a hard time to decide, to trust, to make sure that he isn't going to make a mistake! He's all the more afraid of getting involved as he is faithful and dislikes changes. He knows that once he has said "yes", he won't go backwards, if not with a lot of efforts and sufferings. Also, Capricorn Man likes stability — he clings to his habits, which reassure him.

Very often, Capricorn Man has difficulty showing his feelings. It's up to the other one to know, once and for all, that she's loved! But, on the other contrary, he needs affection. Thus, there're two types coexisting in him.

One type is rather detached, which will satisfy his very demanding physical and carnal side, without giving himself up to love.

Other type is more feminine, who gives and demands tenderness, and who, once his defenses fallen, shows himself infinitely affectionate, vigilant and present, always with some reservedness.

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