......The way She loves

Capricorn woman details, the way Capricorn woman loves and female Capricorn other various details secret key to heart.As far as love is concerned, the Capricorn woman is more intellectual than sentimental. It is often difficult for her to give herself up completely as Capricorn Woman has a tendency to analyze her outbursts and to fear being cheated. In order to feel well, Capricorn Woman needs to find liveliness and cheerfulness at home - because she often feels ill at ease in society.

Her affections are slow to awake, but become strong and deep with time. Capricorn Woman has a certain taste for suffering and making others suffer, which risks damaging her sentimental relationships. In her own interest, Capricorn Woman had better make up her life with a very comprehensive man.

Capricorn Woman is not frightened by emotional loneliness. She succeeds very well in adapting herself to it and, sometimes, Capricorn Woman even looks for it. It's true that not many people please her, since she's so demanding and looks for the absolute.

Furthermore, she has so much difficulty trusting and making sure that she isn't going to make a mistake! Capricorn Woman is all the more afraid of engaging herself as she is a faithful nature and doesn't like changes. Capricorn Woman knows that once she has said "yes", she won't go backwards, if not with a lot of efforts and sufferings. Also, Capricorn Woman likes stability - she clings to her habits, which reassure her.

Very often, Capricorn Woman has difficulty showing her feelings. It's up to the other one to know, once and for all, that he's loved! But, on the other contrary, Capricorn Woman needs affection. Thus, there're two types coexisting in her. One type is rather detached, which will satisfy her very demanding physical and carnal side, without giving herself up to love; and the other type is more sentimental, who gives and demands tenderness, and who, once her defenses fallen, shows herself infinitely affectionate, vigilant and present, always with some reservedness.

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