Chinese Zodiac Sign Tiger kids are cheerful children with a zest and passion for life that is ignited by their curious nature. Boys and girls alike will enjoy the competitiveness and athleticism of organized sports.

From an early age, Chinese Zodiac Sign Tiger children cannot pass on a dare or a challenge. Intelligent and friendly, Tiger children manifest a vast curiosity about life in general and their immediate environment in particular.

In school, they are apt to do better at subjects that give them the ability and creative freedom to express themselves. When it comes to rote learning, they are apt to balk and become disruptive, but this is not due to any intellectual failings on their part, merely with how the material is presented to them. Tiger children are more inclined to be audiovisual learners rather than text-based learners.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Tigers are associated with the Yang and Wood elements in the Chinese zodiac, which means that they have a passion for adventure stories. Novels from childhood may include such favorites as the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys series of mysteries.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Tigers are also fond of works by Robert Louis Stevenson, H.G. Wells and the Bronte sisters.

All Chinese Zodiac Sign Tigers are fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich and famous and are quite happy reading biographies and autobiographies of such notables as Donald Trump, Jackie Onassis, Lady Diana, Heidi Fleiss and Jennifer Lopez.

A tawdry romance novel that includes details about clothes and bodice-ripping men is mind candy for a female Tiger who loves passion and romance, while male Tigers like books that feature the adventures of modern day explorers.

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