If a person have no line of destiny in hand it does not mean that person don’t have destiny. Such person cannot fix their mind in one work or occupations and such person don’t make pre set mind make up about their future career. Person who doesn't have destiny line is jack of all and master of none. You can see such person one movement working as sells man, after some time work as driver and again after some time opening a shop. The Line of Fate rise mainly from the following positions.

  • The Line of Fate may rise from and out of the Line of Life, 
  • The Line of Fate may rise from straight up from the wrist , 
  • The Line of Fate may rise from the Mount of the Moon , or
  • The Line of Fate may rise from the middle of the palm.


Rising From the Line of Life

Rising from the Line of Life (2-2, image 1.), the subject's success will be made by personal effort and merit; the early years of such a Fate will be cramped and difficult; circumstances and the early surroundings will not be favourable, and such people will be greatly hampered or sacrificed to the wishes and plans of their parents or relatives. If the Line of Fate, however, should run on clear and strong from where it leaves the Line of Life, then the subject will overcome all such difficulties and win success by his own personal effort and merit, and not depend on what is termed luck at any time in the career.

Another striking and important point is that the date or years marked on the Line of Fate of such a breaking out into the palm, will be found to coincide with the year in the subject's life in which he asserted his independence or launched out into what he more particularly wanted to do. 

In any case this date as indicated will be found to be one of the most important in his career.

Rising from the Wrist

When the Line of Fate rises from the Wrist (1-1, image 1.) and goes straight up the centre of the palm to the Mount of 
Saturn, provided at the same time the Line of Sun (4-4, image 1.) is found well marked, luck, brilliance, and success will attend the Destiny, and extreme good fortune may be anticipated. 

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