The existing 12 rashi has normally 27 nakshaktra in which a person is born. Out of these 27 nakshaktra, 6 are called gandmool. Gand means useless or worthless. The child born under gandmool doesn’t only remain sad but he also becomes the root for the family misery. These nakshaktras are ahwini, ashlesha, magha, jyeshtha, mool or ravati. The child born under these nakshaktra is naughty and his nature becomes the cause for the problems of his family. The child usually remains ill and doesn’t have interest in education. Though they work hard but they cannot achieve good results. Soon after the birth of this child, the family starts facing health and financial problems. 

But if soon after his birth within 27 days, if gandmool shanti is done then this child can be a very lucky one. This child brings glory to his parents and earns immense fame and money. 

If any such child is born in your home, immediately meet any learned jyotishi and after showing him the Kundli get the gandmool shanti done. The gandmool shanti can also be done after the same nakshaktra is observed after the completion of 27 days. If you wish to know more about gandmool shanti or the way to pacify its effect you ca contact us here


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