Gemini childEager to get going, the Gemini baby is likely to be talking early and making a mark from day one. Curious and quite the explorer, this tot is one who needs lots of stimuli in order to be happy, as they are easily bored.

Since those communication skills are top-notch, the smart thing to do with Gemini baby is bring them into a play group as soon as possible. At home, siblings could easily fill this function, as someone must! It's never too early for the Gemini baby to interact with others, and they will also learn their lessons early on.

The Gemini child is definitely not clingy. Quite the contrary, this is one baby who is happy to march to their own drummer, gallivanting about and being amused in the process. Surprisingly, when this baby is not engaged (chatting or playing with others), there could be a certain emotional detachment.

For that reason, it's best to keep things uncomplicated and easy for them to understand, the better to maintain harmony. To sum up, the Gemini baby is the Great Communicator of the play group, has a short attention span (so keep 'em busy!), and is one clever and creative lot.

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