......The way she loves

Gemini WomanIn society, she's charming, talkative, with an extraordinary gift for answering pointed questions. But when in love, she definitely feels less at ease. Due to her basic duality, one side of her personality is literally terrified at the idea of a long-lasting engagement, while on the other side, Gemini Woman really wants to meet people who are capable of awakening her sentimental intensity.

In her sentimental relationships, Gemini Woman likes playing at the perpetual teenager. Thus, she attracts people who want to protect her, to mother her even and who, by doing so, put her into an emotionally dependent situation.

Gemini Woman quickly gets tired of partners who no longer excite her curiosity. She needs to have an intellectual exchange as much as, and even more than, she does a sentimental or sensual one. Her propensity for novelty incites her to flicker around carelessly, without settling down. For settling down means putting a stop to a delicious unstable state where everything is possible - and Gemini Woman likes to feel free for all possible new experiences.

This means that Gemini Woman is rather fickle in love and indifferent to the pains which she may cause. The man who'll try to slide a ring around her finger will need a good combination of favorable circumstances, given that she's keen on enjoying her freedom !

Gemini Woman doesn't have a strict sense of faithfulness and allows her partner of the moment all the pranks that she forgives herself - provided, however, that he always comes back to her. Alas, this ambiguity can sometimes greatly complicate things !

In any case, certain instability is inherent in her emotional life - numerous love affairs devoid of passion are not to be excluded. Generally speaking, Gemini Woman is more inclined to a loving friendship than to a passionate love affair.

Gemini Woman asks her partners to show merriment, communication and variety. She is neither jealous nor possessive, and her demonstrations of affection are often in an embryonic state.

When Gemini Woman has attained a certain degree of maturity, it would be in her interest to enter a "friendly marriage" with a man whom she esteems. Then, things will start rolling. But her partner should not too often annoy her with "the things of sex", or ask her to make great demonstrations of affection.

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