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Ox Best sex: SNAKE and ROOSTER 
Ox Worst nightmare: SHEEP
The ox is the stabilizing force in the cycle and his sign symbolizes a tireless, hard worker.

In china ox's are almost holy animals, put on a podium and admired for his reliability and trustworthy character. As the dependable , peace-loving, often easy-going and trusting that he is there is another side of the ox too.

It is difficult for him to change his views and routines as he is stubborn, methodical, competitive, and often has strong prejudices. He always sticks to his routines and if it doesn't work his way, he would rather do something wrong than take advise from others or even do it "their" way.

Still, because of his calmness and good working skills he is mostly entrusted with authority, responsibility and physically challenging positions.

Whenever duty calls he will be the first to be around. As a result they often make great mentors and lead people to great success, due to their , with good examples filled life.

Famous Ox People: Tung Chee-Hwa, Sukarno, Richard Burton, Napoleon, Charlie Chaplin, Peter Sellers, Margaret Mead, Jawaharlal Nehru, Eisaku Sato, Princess Diana

Similarity to western sign : CAPRICORN
Hours ruled by the Ox : 1 AM - 3 AM
Season and month : Winter - January
Point of the compass : North - Northeast
Mentality : Negative

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