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Chinese Zodiac Sign Sheep's Best sex: PIG and RABBIT
Chinese Zodiac Sign Sheep's Worst nightmare: OX

People born in the years of the sheep are charming, elegant and rich, mostly anyway. The sheep is the most feminine sign of the Chinese animal zodiac. Sheep people are very difficult to estimate.

On one hand they are real crowd pleases, ravishing all with their passion for their work and creativity. They have the best start-point to become artists or writers. It it is almost impossible for them to work on strict schedules or to work under pressure. Due to his ever changing moods he finds it difficult to be objective and cannot take too much criticism or discipline.

On the other hand Chinese Zodiac Sign Sheep's can be really shy, pessimistic, easily overcome by emotions and sometimes even prefer total anonymity, like quiet evenings with a good book and the simple joys of life.

Their pessimism mostly tend to go in one direction, to argue with themselves about the meaning of life and if they ever find their peace. Known for their compassionate ways he or she is very understanding about others faults and forgives very easily.

Mostly deeply religious and spiritual the sheep person is the most trusting of all. Sometimes even too trusting and makes it easy for others to take advantage of him.

Famous Sheep People: Sir Laurence Olivier, Josephine Bonaparte, Margot Fonteyn, Mikhail Gorbachev, Toni Morrison, Leonard Nimoy, Pierre Trudeau, Katharine Hepburn, Boris Yeltsin

Similarity to western sign : CANCER
Hours ruled by the sheep : 1 PM - 3 PM
Season and month : Summer - July
Point of the compass : South - Southwest
Mentality : Negative

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