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Chandra or MoonChandra means moon. Vedic astrology treats Chandra as a planet. Physics classifies Chandra as a satellite.
Chandra is one of the 9 planets and is situated in the north west direction of the almanac in the shape of square. Pearl is the gemstone attributed to him. He is the Lord for Monday and the Lord of Cancer (Karkataka Raasi), Taurus (Vrishaba Raasi) is his state of exalting.

People worship Chandra on Mondays. Chandra Dasa (span) in the horoscope is for 10 years. People wear Pearl to beseech him. An austerity by semenax trial test name Chaandrayana Vratam is also performed. The person who performs the Vrat eats only that number of morsels of food on that number of the day according to €˜Chandra phase€™ and fasting on the new-moon day is the procedure of this Vrat.

Some precious stones named Chandrakaantha Mani ( Moon Stone ), which turns frosty (in moonlight) was used in the olden days in the construction of sit outs in places. The pleasing nature of moonlight is well known to be described. Sea exhibits very high ebb and tide on the full-moon day.

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