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Hanged Man tarot cardtarot card number: 12

element: water

planet: Neptune

Positive associations with Hanged Man tarot card: transition, flexibility, rebirth, deliverance, release.

Negative associations with Hanged Man tarot card : materialism, inflated ego, lack of willpower, easily influenced, martyrdom.

Hanged Man tarot card symbolizes self-sacrifice, whether that be material or emotional, an ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Hanged Man tarot card can represents a time of limbo or a pause in life until something or perhaps someone is given up for greater gain.

The Hanged Man can represent ill health, stress and anxiety, this is a time for patience and not worry.

Hanged Man tarot card represents a trial of passage and hence the self-sacrifice aspect of this card has spiritual overtones

Negatively The Hanged Man symbolizes selfishness, the use of emotional blackmail by playing the martyr another negative aspect of this card is that a weakness of will may lead you in a wrong direction, materially, emotionally and lead to missed opportunities.

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