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Girl Child Name " I "

Name Meaning
Iccha wish
Iha the earth
Ihina enthusiasm
Ikshu sugarcane
Ila earth, mother, priestess
Ina mother
Inayat kindness
Indira Goddess Lakshmi
Indra god of the sky
Indrani wife of Lord Indra
Indrasena daughter of King Nala
Indrayani the name of a sacred river
Indu bright drop
Induja narmada river
Induleksh the moon
Indumati the full moon
Insiyah woman
Ipsa desire
Ipsita wished for, desired
Ira earth; muse
Iravati the river Ravi
Isabel Dedicated to God
Isha one who protects
Ishana rich
Ishani gifted by God; another name for Durga
Ishika pain brush
Ishita desired
Ishq love
Ishrat affection
Ishvari the best among the divine
Ishwari goddess
Ivy a creeper
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