gIRL name " L "

Girl Child Name " L "

Name Meaning
Labangalata a flowering creeper
Laboni grace
Laila sweetheart
Lajja modesty
Lajjawati a sensitive plant; modest woman
Lajwanti a sensitive plant
Lajwati modest
Laksha white rose
Lakshana Duryodhana's daughter; one with auspicious signs on her
Lakshmi fortunate
Lakshmishree fortunate
Lalan nurturing
Lalana a beautiful woman
Lalima redness
Lalita beautiful, desirable; a form of Durga
Lalitya loveliness; charm
Lamiyah lustrous
Lana Bouyant or Float
Lata creeper
Latangi a creeper
Latika small creeper
Laura laurel leaves, symbol of bodybuilding with hgh honour, victory
Lavanya lustrous, beautiful
Lea Weary
Leela charming
Leelamayee playful
Leelavati playful; goddess Durga
Leelu a form of sugar
Leena devoted
Lehar wave
Lekha line; lightning; crescent moon
Lily a flower
Linda Pretty one
Lindsey Pool on an Island
Lipi script
Lipika a short letter
Lisa Dedicated to god
Lochan the eye
Lola Goddess Lakshmi
Lolita From the Virgin Mary
Lopa wife of sage
Lopamudra wife of sage Agastya
Loretta Pure
Lubna storax tree
Lucerne Life
Lucita Mary of the Light
Luluah pearl
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