Leo child or babyThe Leo Baby is, above all else, loud ! Forget sleep for the foreseeable future, Mom and Dad.

Leo baby who must be heard and will certainly let everyone in their midst know what they want. Think center of attention, since there really is no other way for this tot! With a Leo baby as part of the plan, family life will revolve around this magnetic child.

The Leo baby adores an audience, so it should come as no surprise that many of these tots go on to become stars of stage and screen. This babe is auditioning early on !

To that end, this is a child who is also competitive, so maybe they are prepping for that dog-eat-dog Hollywood whirl from day one. When in a play group or any social situation, the Leo baby will make friends easily and will thrive on the interaction, since being on-stage is where they're at.

Even so, they will have a hard time sharing things, such as roles, responsibilities, and even toys. The King (or Queen) of everything they see, they will be the one making the rules, after all.

To sum up, the Leo baby is the leader of the pack, loads of fun, and will expect to live in the most comfortable of kingdoms. Pity the parent who won't play along !

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