Way he loves

Leo ManThe "magnificent and generous Leo" likes protecting his beloved woman. For her he's capable of lifting a mountain. In return, he expects her to show unswerving admiration for him, and to see to it that all other men envy him for having such an elegant and beautiful partner on his arm.

To put it briefly, he wants his woman to be an element of his prestige. In no way should she risk one day becoming a rival for him - an ideal partner for him could only be the one who helps him to succeed, or the one who upholds her personal ambitions solely through Leo Man's !

An ardent lover, very much attached to a certain erotic and aesthetic quality of sexual relationships, Leo Man gives himself fully and, in a way, makes a good deed when he grants his favors to a lady of his choice - let's rather say that he lends himself, with kindness and true attention, to the one with whom he has established a relationship.

Leo Man shines like the sun. And if sometimes he burns, he's sincerely sorry about it, because he hates causing pain. There's no conscious sadism in him.

Leo Man is too much self-centered, too much worried about himself to be able to love in an absolute manner. But Leo Man will offer a pleasant life to the woman he chooses, who'll give him children and will assure him of a rich enough relationship. His faithfulness is uncertain. It's necessary to point out that love is a domain where Leo natives generally don't alway.

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