......The way she loves

Leo womanThe "magnificent and generous Leo" likes protecting her beloved man. For him she is capable of lifting a mountain.
In return, she expects him to show unswerving admiration for her, and to see to it that all other women envy her for having such an elegant and beautiful partner on her arm.

Leo woman is frank and out speaking. She hardly keep quit. She is like a news agency because she loves gossips and Leo woman have news about most of friends and family. Most of the time she can hardly keep anyone secret to herself, she is gossiper, she is going and enjoy gossiping on other people secrets .When you sit and chat with Leo woman she will provide you all the information about friends and family.

Leo woman have king size ego. In relationship also if she gets hurt, she cries loud like lion. Leo woman are romantic and loves mostly outdoor actives. Leo woman loves party.

Leo woman loves kids and generally she have more than 1 kid. Whatever Leo woman does in home or on relationship she will do it with her heart.

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