Libra BabyThe Libra baby will revel in the attention of others from the get-go. That baby whom everyone is cooing over at the doctor's office? Yes, it's a Libra.

Passive yet charming, people can't help fawning all over this sun-kissed child. Perhaps it's the way a Libra baby smiles when others swoon. Whatever the case may be, this child is possessed of the most endearing qualities.

Even-tempered and sweet in disposition, the Libra baby loves to have others around and would much rather be with company than alone. In a group, this child will mix quite well with others, displaying the very Libra baby have qualities of sociability and diplomacy.

The Libra baby is a born mediator, perhaps prepping early on for a career as a lawyer or judge. Loving fancy touches, the Libra child is not likely to take well to hand-me-downs, especially girls !

These are kids who love to feel pretty, and the best clothes are a big step in that direction. Comfort is also important to this child, so clean, pressed clothes and a snappy room are an added plus.

Sense a bit of control here ? Well, the Libra child does know how to be manipulative, although they manage to do it in the nicest way.

To sum up, the Libra baby likes to talk, loves to socialize, and is a splendid (and even-handed) addition to any play group. Let the games begin!

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