......The way She loves

Libra womanIn love, the Libra woman really doesn't have the desire to conquer, but the one to please. She reaches her objective by her gentleness, by the thoughtfulness that she shows to others, and by a sort of benevolence which inclines to a "live and let live" attitude.

If circumstances are not adverse, her love life begins early and is always very packed. There are two reasons for this. On one hand, by nature Libra woman is very much attracted to love experiences and is always on the lookout for them; Libra woman can't resist the charm she practices - this means that she loves love for love.

On the other hand, her attractive charm makes her very much wanted, often by partners older than her. Love is the main drive of her life. But her love affairs generally go through storms, reconciliations, and also periodic desire for freedom, despite the fact that Libra woman can't stand loneliness.

Just as love, sex plays a considerable role in her life, even though Libra woman is rather inspired by the pleasures of chasing and taking up challenges. For her, nothing is harder to stand than loneliness. If Libra woman ever has to choose between an ill-assorted marriage and a single life, she won't hesitate to opt for the first solution. But let's hope that this doesn't push her into some catastrophic commitments!

When Libra woman gets married, she has the best intentions in the world - she hopes to be faithful, to respect her "contract", and to bring happiness to the other one. But actually, she isn't quite easy to deal with.

Indeed, if Libra woman loves intensively, passionately and romantically, she demands in return to be loved with as much might, for she doesn't stand for lukewarm attentions. And one often has trouble satisfying these requirements completely.

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