Name NumerologyIf you are facing unexpected obstacles, delays, hassles in your day to day affair then may be your name doesn't match with your date of birth. Your name should vibrate with your date of birth. If your name is lucky and vibrate with your date of birth then you gain success, fortune, happiness etc. You may have notice most Hollywood actors have change the spelling of their name and turn out to be luckier. Movies are also named according to numerology to make them successful. Politicians, movie stars, celebrities and millions of people the world over have changed their names as per name numerology.

A change in your name can bring you good fortune. Every alphabet of English language has been assigned a mystical number. Learn the influence of these numbers on your name and life and make your name more profitable for you. This section also has an interesting blog - 'Who has changed his name' which is chronicle of famous people who have changed their names on the basis of numerology.

The whole art of Name Numerology has been based on this assumption that every alphabet of English Language has a mysterious number assigned to it.

The Name Numerology can be of greatest practical utility to every man or woman who wishes to aid in the hard struggle for existence.

Name Numerology : Simplified in three easy steps

We will now learn the secret art of Name Numerology in three easy steps.

Name Numerology helps you to know whether your name is fortunate for you or not.

If yes, it suggest how can you make it more fortunate for you.

If not it tells you how to make it fortunate by making changes in your name's spelling (by adding/ deleting one or more words from it) or alternatively how to adopt a new lucky name for you.

This entire procedure has three steps :

(1) Calculate the compound Number of your Name.

(2) Read the influence of this compound Number.

(3) If the influence is positive, keep using it. If it is negative change your name's spelling by adding or deleting some alphabets and make your name lucky for you.


It's really that simple. Apart from telling you about your name, it can also help you determine : whether your city is lucky for you or not, whether a particular day in future will be lucky for you or not.

OK Now we'll learn the above three steps in detail.

Let us learn the first step:

Step 1 : Calculate the compound Number of your Name

Before learning the calculation of compound number, let us have a quick look over the difference between single numbers (1-9) and compound Numbers (10-onwards)

The single numbers denote what the man or woman appears to be in the eyes of their fellow mortals, while the double or compound numbers show the hidden influences that play their role behind the scenes as it were, and in some mysterious way often foreshadow the future or the hidden current of destiny of the individual

Now let us learn to calculate compound numbers.

Every alphabet in English language has been assigned an occult number as follows:

A = 1 N = 5

B = 2 O = 7

C = 3 P = 8

D = 4 Q = 1

E = 5 R = 2

F = 8 S = 3

G = 3 T = 4

H = 5 U = 6

I or J = 1 V = 6

K = 2 W = 6

L = 3 X = 5

M = 4 Y = 1

Z = 7

NumerologyIt may be seen that there is no number 9 given in the above alphabet, for the simple reason that those ancient masters of Occultism knew that in the" Highest Sphere" the number 9 represents the 9-lettered name of God, and for this reason no single letter was ascribed to it.

If, however, the letters in a name should total up and produce the number 9, the meaning of it is that given as I set out in the chapter dealing with the number 9, and for the compound numbers of the 9 such as the 18, 27, etc.

The next important question to answer is the following: Are all the Name and Surnames to be added together to find the last digit or number?

The answer to that is, that it is the most used Christian and Surname that must be added together to give the Key number; when the Surname is more used or more in evidence than the Christian name, then it is taken to give the Key number.

Let us calculate the compound number of one name as example:

If the name is JOHN SMITH , then it's compound number will be calculated as follows:

J = 1 S = 3

O = 7 M = 4

H = 5 I = 1

N = 5 T = 4



18 = 9


H = 5


17 = 8


So the compound number of John Smith will be 9 + 8 = 17. You can easily calculate the compound number of your name this way .

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