GrahaGrahaSince astrology uses both timing and planetary influence to determine one's destiny, let's look at the nine planets used in Vedic astrology.Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are not commonly used by traditional Vedic astrologers in doing consultations. What zodiac sign each planet is in, aspects by other planets and where the planets are in the horoscope make a big difference for the better or worse.

Sukra ( Venus ) - The planet of love. Venus also represents pleasure, sex, sexuality, amusements, creativity, the arts, food and money. Venus will tell a lot about your romantic or sexual preferences and partners. Read Sukra or Venus

 Jupiter ( Guru ) - The planet of marriage and family. Jupiter also represents spirituality, wisdom, wealth and good luck. Jupiter can tell if marriage and children will be a part of your life. Read Guru or Jupiter

 Moon ( Chandra ) - The planet of emotions and mind. Moon also represents women, femininity and intuition. In Hindu astrology the Moon determines the true nature of a person and their intentions.  Read Chandra or Moon

Sun ( Surya ) - The planet of confidence and life force. Sun also represents leadership, fame, masculinity, God, appearance and external character. The Sun will reveal allot about a person's outer expression and belief in self. Read Surya or Sun

Mercury ( Budha ) - The planet of thought and communication. Mercury also represents education, writing and speaking ability. Mercury will tell how a person thinks and verbally communicates.  Read Budha or Mercury

Mars ( Mangal ) - The planet of power and action. It is also the source of ambition and persistence. Mars rules war, so it is a good indicator of potential conflict in relationships. Read Kuja or Mangal or Mars

Saturn ( Sani ) - The planet of truth. Saturn also means discipline, dedication and hard work. Since Saturn brings truth it will bring the lessons in the relationship to learn from. Read Sani or Saturn

Rahu (Moon's North Node) - The planet of both karma and anti-tradition. Rahu brings in relationships that are viewed as unusual, unconventional and go against the norms of society. It also is a good way to see if you have any past-life connections with your partner. Read Rahu

Ketu (Moon's South Node) - The planet of karma and spirituality. Ketu is against materialism while Rahu loves materialism. Ketu will help you grow spiritually by taking away that which you are too attached to. Buddha said it best, It is your attachment to the material world that causes your suffering. It is also another way to see past-life connections with your partner. Read Ketu

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