Pisces childSeeming like a bit of a lost soul, the Pisces baby will get emotional and start crying for no apparent reason.

It's part of this timid baby's personality, along with a tendency to carry things inward and not push them out. Expect a whimper rather than a shriek. Along these lines, the Pisces baby will pick up on the family's vibe, sensing arguments and other familial disruptions, and being profoundly affected by them.

This fits in with this Pisces child's very caring, almost selfless persona, a quality which manifests itself in things like giving away toys. For this reason, Mom and Dad need to see to it that their Pisces tot doesn't get pushed around in the play group.

Extra-sensitive by nature, Pisces child also benefits from an added dose of attention, whether it comes from parents or relatives.

With a wandering mind as Pisces child are dreamer, the Pisces baby will find it easy to get lost in thoughts, almost blocking out the real world. Safe to say that this kid shouldn't be entrusted with many details -- they will simply forget them !

That dream state is one which should be monitored at night, as the Pisces baby will be greatly distressed by bad dreams. To sum up, the Pisces baby would rather give than receive, is dreamy by nature, and possesses the fluidity attached to a Water sign. Let this sweet river flow !

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