......The way he loves

Pisces ManIn love, the Pisces man is not a great conqueror. Rather shy, Pisces Man has trouble deciding. He'd be happily satisfied with a platonic relationship, thus avoiding engagements and reality.

To him, his freedom is like the apple of his eye, and the prospect of being definitively tied down to somebody sometimes frightens him. He doesn't try to display his love life - he's discreet, and never brags about his feminine conquests.

To live with him is original. Full of contradictions, Pisces Man needs a woman who can relieve him of his anxieties and lavishes him with attentions.

Pisces Man has good feelings for the family, for by knowing all its members he doesn't have to make any efforts to feel at ease. He won't necessarily try to organize family gatherings, but he'll gladly participate.

The woman of his life won't always know how to go about him. At one time, Pisces Man will shower her with attentions, with frequent phone calls, with love letters, or with surprise presents; the next time, without no apparent reason, he'll vanish into his own secret world where the other one will not be invited to penetrate.

Pisces Man needs a mate capable of offering him firm support, giving him a lot of affection, showing herself romantic when he wishes, and especially capable of resisting the temptation of harassing him about his responsibilities, his secret world, or his lack of ambition.

One of his most beautiful qualities is seen with his children. Pisces Man is the type of father to horse around with them every time they want it. On their part, they'll come around to accept his more placid humors.

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