......The way she loves

Pisces WomanLove plays a most important role in the Pisces woman's life. However, it is not quite easy to love her because Pisces Woman always remains a little mysterious in certain ways. This enigmatic side of her sign is all at the same time her charm and her drawback, because it makes it more difficult for her to melt into a loved one.

Pisces Woman needs a lot of affection and love, but doesn't always know how to distinguish the true from the false. One can "get" her with sentiments because she's rather weak and influenceable. As Pisces Woman is very appealing to the opposite sex, Pisces Woman s often unintentionally become the object of love at first sight. And the passions that she once aroused in others won't calm down during their lifetimes.

Very attractive, with her strange, dreamy look, she generally knows how to bring a touch of poetry, an enchanting delicacy into her love life. During the first period of her love, Pisces Woman excels at the art of making a delicate and discreet courting, susceptible of touching the heart of the one whom Pisces Woman desires - on condition that she is capable of controlling her extreme shyness, which often torments her.

Indeed, her fear of being rejected or of appearing ridiculous frequently makes her hesitate in declaring her feelings, and Pisces Woman needs to be encouraged.

Unfortunately, Pisces Woman can at times have difficulty showing her love, not knowing how her secret will be accepted, thus confining herself to an unavowed and sterile passion.

In any case, Pisces Woman is a great romantic, her sentiments are whole and her feelings deep. There's nothing lukewarm in her - she lives her love experiences intensely, frenetically, dramatically. As a general rule, her romances are unstable or take place in confused conditions or with sudden turnovers. There could be several unions or marriages in the course of her life, each one capable of transforming her destiny.

Living, day after day, with the chosen of her heart and making sure that her love doesn't fade, that's her most earnest desire. Pisces Woman needs so much to give and to receive tenderness. That's why she can't be a happy single woman !

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