Pythagoras assigned a particular number to each alphabet in the natural way from 1 to 9. Apart from 1 to 9 digits, he considers 11 and 22 as master numbers. 11 and 22 represent the force of karma (past actions) which leads the person into success or failure in this life. Also, every number will have positive and negative qualities. For example, the right hand side table shows how the alphabets are numbered in Pythagorean Numerology.


Positive qualities

Negative qualities


Initiative, leadership, individuality, courage, executive ability.

Selfishness, laziness, aggressiveness, egotism.


Co-operation, harmony, love, partnership, diplomacy.

Over sensitive, tactlessness, timidity, vacillation.


Artistic and Creativity, self-expression, imagination, sociability, cheerfulness.

Pessimism, loose talks, exaggeration.


Constructive, systematic, practicality, order, builder, industrious.

Lack of imagination, argumentative, extreme seriousness, illhealth.


Constructive freedom, sexuality, versatility, knowledge, entertainment and amusement.

Changeability, carelessness, restlessness, nervousness, jack of all trades.


Artist, responsibility, love of home and children, welfare of others, unselfish.

Sensitiveness, coldness, nervousness, skepticism, must learn to be alone, not lonely.


Spirituality, occult, analysis, scientific research, wisdom.

Selfishness, laziness, aggressiveness, egotism.


Executive ability, organization, authority, judgment, administration.

Impatience, love of recognition, lack of humanitarianism, too much materialism.


Philanthropic nature, humanitarianism, sympathy, selflessness, divine life, generous.

Moody and impulsive, must learn selfishness, carelessness in money matters, inclination for high living.


Intuition, illumination, inspiration, spirituality, prophetic ability.

Too much sensitiveness, nervous tension, impracticality, must learn to mingle with public.


Materialism, spiritual master, practical, luminary.

Conflict between inner feelings and practicality, attraction for black magic.

According to Pythagoras, the entire destiny of a person would be decided primarily by the numbers involved in his date of birth and name. The following are the important numbers in the life of a person, as calculated by Pythagoras system of Numerology. 

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