....Way he loves

Sagittarius ManIn love, the Sagittarius man needs to feel in accordance with his loved one and share with her ideas, projects, yearning for adventures and travels.

He's more sensual than sentimental. Marked by the positive principle Yang, he's gifted with an enthralled and expansive nature. But, even though he's subject to passions, these generally only last a short time.

His curiosity and his needs for freedom often lead him to short-term relations. If he's married, it can also be the same; but his sense of duty prevents him from showing off with his occasional mates and instructs him to act discreetly in all circumstances.

Sagittarius Man hates make-believes, lies and hypocrisy, and is incapable of pretending to feel what he doesn't. If he loves no more, he simply goes away, but his delicacy and kindness force him to do everything possible to avoid that the other one suffers too much.

When Sagittarius Man is in love, he's completely besieged by the other one - he thinks only through her, reacts to her slightest attitudes, her slightest glances. But when he doesn't love any more, it's useless to ask him to make an effort - whatever he does will only be out of his sense of duty. In other words, he possesses the power of closing his heart when Sagittarius Man wishes.

When Sagittarius Man loves, his feelings are sincere and his love deep and passionate. Being polite and friendly, he knows how to surround the loved one with a million sweet attentions and give out the most beautiful compliments. Sagittarius Man can also fall in love at first sight, and it's exceptional for him to have just one great love in his life. Also, it might happen that he commits unfaithfulness; but if he still loves the same person, he'll always return home, asking to be forgiven, as he could also forgive.

Sagittarius Man has family feelings and soul. He gently imposes his authority, and it never occurs to him to suspect that his authority could be challenged. He likes being surrounded with dear ones and readily builds up a big family.

There's a duality in him. One side of his character is his daily home-minded style of living - Sagittarius Man clings to meal hours, home-making, evening television shows, or cards games. The other side of his character shows us a type who loves changes, who likes to entertain, go out, see friends, go on travels, and lead a more or less secret life. As a matter of fact, there's a frequent alternation between these two lifestyles - extremely familial, or extremely independent.

In spite of some small possible pranks, Sagittarius Man knows how to show himself a good husband and an excellent father. He has the sense of responsibilities, and whatever might happen he won't desert his family. He'll always support it and will always have tender and affectionate feelings for it.

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