....Way she loves

Sagittarius WomanHer distinctively direct manners are entirely reflected in her attachments - putting frankness over everything, she won't stop for fear to cause pain and suffering. So, she won't feel any qualms admitting clearly to her partner of the moment that Sagittarius Woman has loved before and most likely will love after.

Sagittarius Woman has a clear preference for brief or transient relationships, because she finds it difficult to tolerate that her love affairs interfere with her freedom. Her sentiments are romantic or strangely tinted.

Instability reigns, indecision alternate with attractions. But once she's made up her mind to settle down, Sagittarius Woman will show herself an excellent wife and conscientious mother.

Thanks to her solid optimism and her joy of living, a single woman's status hardly disturbs her, even though it isn't an intentional choice. Furthermore, Sagittarius Woman hates too tight ties. Thus Sagittarius Woman can be one of those merry single women who don't hesitate to take an intensive delight in all existing pleasures - while waiting to settle down.

When Sagittarius Woman is in love, she's completely besieged by the other one - she thinks only through him, reacts to his slightest attitudes, his slightest glances. But when she doesn't love any more, it's useless to ask her to make an effort - whatever she does will only be out of her sense of duty. In other words, she possesses the power of closing her heart when she wishes.

In love, Sagittarius Woman is as quick to get fired up as to be disappointed. She can be subject to love at first sight, and Sagittarius Woman seldom experiences only one great romance in her lifetime. Also, it might happen that Sagittarius Woman commits infidelity; but if she still loves the same person, she'll always return home, asking to be forgiven, as Sagittarius Woman could also forgive.

Every couple goes through some conflicts, but here differences of religious or ideological convictions, and class or professional rivalries, are extremely dangerous. A certain identity of viewpoints and attitudes is crucial for the life and survival of her couple.

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