Scorpio Sun SignTwo animals are used to represent Scorpio, the eagle and the scorpion. The eagle is capable of reaching great heights because he has mastered his lower nature and overcome his passions and the temptations of the sensual sphere.

The eagle has risen above the physical world because he has regenerated himself. The scorpion, however, represents those who have not regenerated their thoughts and actions and are still living degenerate lives. Scorpios use their cunning and strike when least expected. These are the ones who satisfy their passions regardless of consequences.

Scorpios in general are ambitious, efficient, courageous, resourceful and intuitive. But, Scorpios can also be jealous, sarcastic, resentful, stubborn, possessive and vindictive. Scorpio people enjoy impossible tasks.

Scorpios like work that demands continued, determined effort and intense concentration. Scorpios are born detectives. Scorpio gives a strong will and determination to accomplish anything undertaken. Scorpios possess an analytical mind, strong intuition, reasoning powers, perception, long range planning ability, magnetism and energy.

Scorpios have very definite opinions. These opinions can be so rigid that no amount of persuasion will make them change their minds.Scorpios make friends easily and give waveringly to them. In these relationships, Scorpios like to know what your plans are, but, because of their secretiveness, Scorpios do not necessarily want you to know what Scorpios are planning.

Scorpios are capable of extreme self-sacrifice for those Scorpios love. If any of their loved ones are threatened in any way, Scorpios feel that Scorpios, too, are being threatened. This causes them to instinctively strike out, either verbally or physically.Because a Scorpio's unconscious mind is more in control than their conscious mind, Scorpios lose all sense of judgment under criticism.

Under attack, Scorpios make effective use of both silence and sarcasm. Unfortunately, their sarcasm can become vindictive. Scorpios can, and will, wait a long time in order to get even.

Scorpios need to learn forgiveness.It is usually difficult to deceive a Scorpio because their intuition enables them to understand the motives of other people. Scorpios receive very strong first impressions of others - experiencing either a liking or a dislike for the person involved.

Scorpios need to learn flexibility, both in thought and action. Once their course of action is set, it is difficult for them to change.Trivial things bore Scorpios and Scorpios would rather go deep rather than broad. The more intense, the better. In whatever Scorpios do, Scorpios want to be completely engrossed. Half-hearten measures are not for them.

Scorpios have the tendency to do things to extremes, either all or nothing. Scorpios have to get to the bottom of whatever it is that interests them.

Scorpios have to know everything, yet Scorpios remain mysterious and secretive. Although it may not appear so, there are powerful emotions and desires at work within a Scorpio underneath the surface.

This power is one reason for their great endurance. Sometimes in their battles Scorpios trample on others in the process. This is why Scorpios are sometimes classified as great saints or great sinners.

Scorpios regard themselves as their own judge, jury, and executioner and punish themselves unnecessarily at times. Scorpios are self- sufficient, but not necessarily self-assured.

Scorpios rarely actively seek applause or the limelight. Scorpios are generally healthy, but can be inclined to overindulgence in food, drugs, sex or alcohol.In matters of love,

Scorpios are loyal, affectionate and demonstrative, and perhaps possessive and controlling. Scorpio are happiest and most fulfilled with one partner with whom Scorpios can combine emotional and sexual love.

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