......The way he loves

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Man details, the way Scorpio Man loves and other various details secret key to Scorpio Man's heart.It has to be said right away: the Scorpio man is a passionate person. But his passion isn't exactly a relaxing one. It's hard luck for the one who falls into his claws without knowing what she's getting herself into - it's a subtle game of the slayer and his victim.

Scorpio Man adores seeing the tears of his beloved woman; Scorpio Man likes having "the power of life and death" on her as well as the art of plunging her into a gulf of despair or taking her up to the seventh heaven.

His relationships are often only a sequence of confrontations, grievances, shouts of hatred and of passion. All told, he likes emotional roller coasters! It isn't always easy for his women to know the exact nature of his feelings. Scorpio Man practices his charm powerfully and forcefully.

Physical love plays an important role in his sentimental comportment. Scorpio Man willingly let himself be guided by his instinct, and very rapidly his amorous feelings and even his passion spring up.

His sensitivity can make him suffer and also make him go through disappointments. But once he has made his choice and providing that he controls himself, he'll be a very pleasant person to live with.

Scorpio Man can fall in love several times in the course of his life. His nature won't always motivate him to slow down his natural impulses. His married life may suffer from this, especially if he gets married young.

Passionate, the Scorpio man demands a lot from the woman he loves, and it takes him time to realize that she doesn't necessarily have the same objectives as he has. The woman of his choice has to be an ideal partner, being all at the same time a well-kept businesswoman, an outstanding housewife, a good tailor, and a first-rate cook. However, he is not always so demanding regarding himself.

He's family-minded and hopes to have children, though not too many. Scorpio Man appreciates family reunions and isn't against going on family vacations. The role of head of the family - even that of chieftain - suits him very well. But it's preferable that his children be not too stubborn or disobedient.

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