......The way she loves

Scorpio WomanIt has to be said right away: the Scorpio woman is a passionate person. But her passion isn't exactly a relaxing one. It's hard luck for the one who falls into her claws without knowing what he's getting himself into - it's a subtle game of the slayer and his victim.

Scorpio Woman needs to possess her loved one completely. Her love relationships are drastic, but also very tormented and complicated, fraught with successive confrontations, grievances, shouts of hatred and passion.

Furthermore, Scorpio Woman is so terribly jealous and sometimes proves to be somewhat sadistic. All told, Scorpio Woman likes emotional roller coasters! So her couple life risks being a clash of two wills if she is not united with a very accommodating or peaceful man.

Her repressed sexuality can arouse powerful internal bustles or provoke inhibitions. It's in a peaceful home, in a quiet and stable life, that Scorpio Woman can manage to free herself from her complexes.

Her love itinerary is neither simple nor straight. At certain periods of her existence, Scorpio Woman boasts about being a confirmed spinster. Then at other times, she will strongly defend couple life. And this without even having the impression of contradicting herself. But sooner or later, Scorpio Woman will feel the need to live in harmony and to share everything with a privileged partner.

Physical love plays an important role in her sentimental comportment. Scorpio Woman willingly lets herself be guided by her instinct, and very rapidly her amorous feelings and even her passion spring up.

Scorpio Woman is family-minded and wishes to have an offspring, though not too numerous. She appreciates family reunions and isn't against going on family vacations. The role of head of the family - even that of chieftain - suits her very well. But it's preferable that her children be not too stubborn or disobedient.

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