Taurus Man

----The way he loves
Taurus ManLoving life, Taurus Man also loves love. Sensual, he hates "saboteurs" who make no effort to give a woman all the pleasure she expects. He plays her as he does a harp - ardently, efficiently, gratefully... Love occupies a big part of his life.

In his youth, he plays around a little, with insatiable greediness and curiosity. And then, one day, Taurus Man decides to settle down, to start a home and a family. And on this score, he isn't joking.

Taurus Man makes his choice very carefully. After taking his time to weigh the pros and the cons, he finally makes his decision. If there are obstacles, he knocks them down. His wife and children are sacred in his eyes.

He really tries hard to deserve his happiness and wants to get paid back. He'll overcome his selfishness, help out, work hard, wanting to make life as pleasant as possible for his wife. In exchange, he'll ask her to give herself to him, to be faithful to him.

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