----The way She loves

Taurus WomanShe can be sensual but is generally rather insensitive to romanticism. She does not know or hates love games, the subtleties of the heart, and the follies of passion. Taurus Woman tends to consider as mere gossip all such love stories as books and movies are crowded with.

For her, love is simply a pleasant thing but marriage is an extremely serious matter. And concerning this subject, she doesn't fool around. She chooses with extreme care and without haste - Taurus Woman weighs the pros and the cons for a long time, and then makes her decision. If there're obstacles, Taurus Woman knocks them down. Her spouse and her children are sacred in her eyes.

Stable and faithful, Taurus Woman never engages herself with a light heart, considering the material side as much as the sentimental one. Her affections are slow to awake, but they're strong and constantly get deeper with time. Often lacking imagination, she rarely thinks of trying to make her love relationships less humdrum by varying them, embellishing them, or subliming them.

Once Taurus Woman is certain of the affection and faithfulness of the loved one, Taurus Woman will surround him with very warm care, trying to fulfill all his desires. And then, she's capable of the greatest sacrifices in order to prolong her love and give the other one comfort, well-being, and the pleasures of life that she appreciates herself.

Taurus Woman finds it extremely difficult to settle for single life. And she hates loneliness as much as she does free love. For her, a conventional marriage in the purest bourgeois tradition is the only real thing !

On the other hand, as Taurus Woman is very much attached to the family concept, she cannot conceive of a life without children. Therefore, she is the one who's not afraid of getting married young and of having a numerous offspring. And if circumstances induce her to lead a single life, she'll feel inconsolable.

A good teacher, she conscientiously takes care of her children and carefully prepares them for life. In any case, Taurus Woman likes to be the center of a big, united and happy family, and to be proud of her dear ones.

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